I just gotta add real quick that the way she looks at him before even touching his cuff is so careful. She doesn’t want to hurt him. She wants him to know that it’s okay, that she’s not disgusted or freaked out or at all uncomfortable with the fact that he doesn’t have a hand for her to hold. And she’s giving him this very calm ‘It’s okay’ look. And he’s watching her, gauging her reaction and being so incredibly cautious of how she might react because it’s something that still bothers him, something that makes him feel less than what he once was. But she’s so gentle, so careful, and yet she’s not casual about it because it means something. 

I also think she was extra hesitant because of his recent moodiness. She probably expected him to rip his hook away as she reached for it, so she’s being careful in approaching him because he’s like a wounded animal at this point, though she doesn’t know why. 


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That time Rumpelstiltskin checked out Sherlock in an elevator.



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  • Nephew: *tooted* Did you just hear that barking spider?
  • Me: Did YOU just hear that barking spider?
  • Nephew: Yeah it came from my butt!